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Most corporate businesses have established IT teams in place. AllroundIT can offer these businesses solutions to enhance business process efficiency which can lead to major cost savings across the department or the entire workplace. This can be achieved across Printing, Scanning, Integration and Document workflow. Ask yourself these questions:

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  1. Do you know how much colour printing goes on in your environment?
  2. Are you or your workers able to print secure documents and know they will be the only ones to view it from the printer when its released?
  3. Can you scan, name and direct your scanning task to the right folder, with the right name directly from your Multi-Function Device (MFD)?
  4. Can you choose the type of document your scanning at the MFD and send it on the right path without desktop intervention?
  5. Whats the biggest pain point document in your business? eg HR Documents, Accounts Payable documents, Expense or Leave forms
  6. Can you find all your documents at any given time based on any information which is contained within it?

Contact Us today and let us implement a digital solution not only handing back your employees time – but showing you a ROI worth talking about.