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Digital Automation

Creating digital automation and workflow processes to enhance your business rules.

The Modern Office

Back Office Business Solutions

AllroundIT Solutions work with clients to digitise critical processes and paper based tasks right across Australia. In the current age, software is the key to business continuity and we turn tedious paper driven lines of business into digital paperless workflows.

Some Key Workflow and Automation Capabilities

  • Process automation that increases efficiency and improves control by enforcing corporate policies
  • Analytics that drive greater visibility into process efficiency and areas for improvement
  • Automatic import, escalations and scheduled event capability that reduce manual tasks and human error
  • Automatic Notification both via SMS or via email for pending task or action items
  • Customisable groups and approval teams which can be set up as voting thresholds or sent to a group of members (i.e., per department) for approvals
  • Automatic data matching and data import from external and internal systems
  • API Integration for security ABN business data and lookups

Our Digital Workflow Services

We provide a wide range of custom workflow solutions to suit any business of any size.

Accounts Payable Solutions

Improve your accounts payable automation by reducing the time and effort required to approve, match & process invoices.

Electronic Forms

Capturing data through electronic forms, paper documents are not required &most of the operational costs associated with processing forms can be eliminated.

Document Management

Streamline your administrative tasks and fully optimise your information with a complete document management solution managed from a browser.

Custom Workflow Automation

Any internet-enabled device can access the solution thanks to its cloud-based platform. Stakeholders can review data from anywhere enabling quick decisions to keep tasks on schedule.

Smart Office Solutions

Workflow Automation


Routing work to other teammates or approvers, manual entry, and mapping data are just several examples of tasks that workers spend far too much of their workdays doing that are easily solved with our workflow automation solution. Visually validating information or comparing it to data in another document or system, are eliminated by smart digital software enabling valuable employees to concentrate on their most important tasks.

Whether you’re looking at going paperless in your warehouse, Improving accuracy within your finance departments, digitising leave forms or HR onboarding processes or back scanning a room full of files for safe keeping, AllroundIT Solutions can provide a solution fit for your business to make your team work smarter with technology.